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There's masses of information on saving your money with alternative fuel systems. The bottom line is how much can you save? full story


The Autogas System Explained step by step. Find out how an LPG vehicle works, and the components of the LPG vehicle system. ... full story...

The use of LPG as Autogas is an increasingly popular way to save on fuel costs ...full story...

Cut petrol prices fill up your car for 75p a litre... full story...

Headline full story...

Headline full story...

LPG Vehicle Servicing?

Give us a call now on 01242 506374


  • Vehicle not been serviced whilst running on LPG?
  • Problems with your engine switching over to LPG?
  • Just bought your LPG vehicle want some peace of mind?

  • Lost or inadequate documentation -require a safety report.
  • LPG fuel puts less hydrocarbons in your engine oil so it runs cleaner

Just some of the LPG systems we are able to service

  • AFC   Egas
  • * Remember - It is not what the vehicle value is - It is what it costs you in fuel over the year(s)

Problems with your existing LPG vehicle?
Let us run a diagnostic on your LPG vehicle

We'll prepare a basic report on the diagnostic costs of LPG service.

Is your vehicle on the UKLPG & DVLA database?
Do you require an LPG Safety Report?

Contact us to arrange a booking for a Safety Report

Increased MPG, great fuel savings, cleaner emmissions for your carbon footprint and a cleaner engine.

** Combine with Remap & Make Extra Savings

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